Taiyo Dynasties is a miniature skirmish game for 2-4 people.


Based in feudal Japan but with a twist. Set in a parallel universe where humans never existed but beastmen evolved to take their place. Not only that but the life force called Taiyo contained withing these beastmen can be used to perform superhuman acts and magical abilities.


As the Paw marches


The sound of death grows louder


The Great Age has past



Machoto Atsuda -Autumn 1699 - At the end of The War of Dogs the day before his execution



“Tio, the life energy that passes through all living beings. Flowing through the body allowing the daily tasks of a farmer to be completed and the strikes of a warrior to be strong and just. The Sohei of the Mountains are said to be able to use this power to levitate above the trees. While us Sages of the Great Temple can move an object through the worlds fabric breaking the teachings of time and being. These great masters use their power to help the people and seek enlightenment. But others will use it to oppress and kill.” - Sage Yamasakura of the Great Temple of Kyoichi Mountain


In the year of 1631 the Atsuda Period began. After the Great War of 1623-1631 the Atsuda had claimed their rightful place as rulers of Hanani the land in which we live. Ruled by Shogun Matoto Atsuda 60 years of prosperity and peace spread across the land. In the light of happiness the shadows grow darker. In 1691 the declaration of war was sent to the Capital of Kyoichi. So began The War of Dogs.


Winter 1699 - The Wafuto Clan ended The War of Dogs and executed Machoto Atsuda the son of Matoto Atsuda and current Shogun of Hanani. Thus Zaifun Wafuto became the Shogun and the Atsuda period ended. The Atsuda Clan now without a ruler of age and in dismay take home in the Southern Islands where they still own the land and have protected themselves from attack for many generations of the Atsuda lineage. A decade passes and Atsuda has barely recovered from the devastation of The War of Dogs. The son of Machoto Atsuda, Chatoto, has come of age and will now take over the Clan. Mournful and full of pity for the current state of the clan, Chatoto swears to the people to bring back the pride and prosperity that his grandfather once gave the nation of Hanani and the Atsuda Clan. On this day in spring 1710 the third great war of Hanani began with the declaration of war falling into the hands of Zaifun. It was named, The War of the Falling Petal


This is where you find yourself. In the middle of a war between two great clans and you must choose a side.

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The Rise of the Wafuto Clan

The Clans

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